Paige Owens, Kyler Quinn, Whitney Wright in “The Gym 6”


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Kyler Quinn, Paige Owens, & Whitney Wright have noticed a hunk at the gym that always stares at them while working out. Today, they take the initiative and show up with skimpy shirts and crotchless gym shorts. He can't help but stare and pop a boner right there. The girls have no problem approaching him and whipping out his thick fat cock for their personal pleasure.I love going to the gym and watching hot chicks workout. I've noticed these 3 babes always working out together. They got that look in their eye that they want cock. I've got exactly what they want, and they can tell. Today, they show up to the gym in cropped shirts and crotchless gym shorts that make my dick instantly hard. They notice, and they have no problem approaching me and riding me until I cum on all three of them! This is definitely the best type of cardio to do in the gym!

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