Charly Summer, Kourtney Rae, Penelope Kay in “The Dorm Room 9”


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Variety is the spice of life! Alex has a girlfriend back home and was planning on heading out for the weekend to see her, but his new co-ed friend's he just met on campus convince him to ditch her. They remind him that he's in college now and its time to experiment and have fun. Charly Summer, Kourtney Rae, and Penelope Kay tag-team this stud and help him move on from the girl back home.Oh the college life is so good! I have a girlfriend back home but to be honest, I'm looking for an excuse to end it, so I go see some chicks I met on campus, Charly Summers, Kourtney Rae, and Penelope Kay. They're super slutty and I mention that I'm gonna head off for the weekend to see my girlfriend. They can tell I'm horny as fuck and they convince me to stay by taking turns on my cock!

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