Brett Rossi in “PSE”

“Fuck clothes, we’re here to party.” So says Brett Rossi, porn star extraordinaire who’s here to give you an extraordinary Porn Star Experience in Virtual Reality. But first she feels how hard you are sitting there in front of her, first with her hands, and then with her round, plump ass, rubbing on your groin in concentric circles. And when she is ready to begin stripping you of your garments, she does so with fury and lust, digging after her prize. You feel her warmth not just in her hands but on her big tits, her nipples, her areoles, as she stirs your fat, hard cock all over her chest. And once she’s ready, how far can Brett take you down her throat? She wants to find out. There’s nothing more she loves than illustrating her tradecraft by fitting all of your throbbing member into her wet mouth to suck and choke on it, suck and choke, suck and choke. And then once it’s time, her pussy is wet and waiting to take all of you…but will she? Experience Brett today and find out.
Featuring: Brett Rossi
Duration: 38 min
Frame rate: 60 FPS
View angle: 180º

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